Wisdom teaches
Truth –
Begins with self.
With acknowledging
What is.
Relevance is consciousness.
Control is limited.
Virtue is valued.
Base desires are channeled
Into a higher system
Of thought,
Put into practice
Through action.
Focus is honed
Through will power
Wisdom is active.
Love defined by action
Surpassing words,
To become –



She hides
That girl I know
Go slow, be soft
She flutters
Like a candle
Reach within
Beneath the skin
The flesh
The blood
The bone
This temporary
Corporeal home
Into the spirit
The essence
Before birth
In a place beyond time
Or maybe where it began
The girl wavers
Like a water lily on her stem
Who am I
Why am I here
What is that feeling
That’s drawing near
The questions keep coming
But what is she doing
And oh, how the moon it glows
In the throes of dreams it seems
She fractures like glass
The reality of the thing,
This too shall pass

One More

I say I am ready
Though I admit I’m unsteady
You still shine too bright
If I admit the truth
It’s hard to walk this line
Between love and lust and rage
I turn the page
Carnal images seduce me
And I come untethered
Light as a feather
And stiff as a corpse
Everything, that is – morphs
When perception shifts
And the mind trips
Stuttering in and out of focus
As if to shutter the revelation
Ever learning patience
I try it out on myself
Maybe I’m the one
Who needs some help
What is this about wisdom?
Application, the mission, and
When talk becomes silence, so
Peace subdues violence,
And gentleness eases pain.
Only, just enough, though,
And I’ve been tamed.
The key is free,
But my world hangs precariously –
On words, I wished you’d say,
But you asked me to stay.
It’s a revolving play…
What would I give for one more day
With you.

Navigating by the Moon

I try and see through you
But I only make myself
But inevitably broken
Asking myself why
Why do only birds get to fly
No rainbows for me
Only emptiness
I’ve poured myself out
At your feet
I no longer sleep
As an open ocean
My emotions seem pointless
An erring compass
That only points to you

And I’m getting tired of blue
Endless waves
And stormy seas
All I wanted
Was to live on an island
Just you and me
But that will never be
The way I see
Through you and me

In the End

You were my everything
Until there was nothing
left behind
And nothing ahead
I was afraid
Of loving you
To death
I held my breath
Too long
Under water
You must be joking
I left
To become
To die
At every newly spun lie
Only to cry
Over spilled milk
Thin and fragile
As spider silk
Is hope
Is nothing


Hope is subtle
A whisper
A flicker
A slight shadow
Smoke on the wind
Sand amidst waves
It slips by sifting
Through my being
Bringing possibility.
I suppress – soft
Tendrils of ecstasy.


Where do I go from here
The way unclear
Within the whorls of mist
I stand in the midst of choice
Having to distill a single voice
From multitudes
Aspects of self
Only partial truths (exist here)
And an indistinct fear
Of the unknown
But am beginning to hear
Something clear
Something like a chime
And the sun begins to shine
All it takes is a little time
And I find that thing
I never knew I lost


Focus on Nothing.
Thoughts tangle
In stewed memories.
I have eaten my fill.
Emptiness is wordless.
Yet I swallowed nostalgia.
Time ticks in my veins.
Past merging into present-
Memories distilled.
It’s easy to pick a vintage,
But no advantage in reminiscence.
For thought is just
Action in play. Some say.
It is easy to pretend,
Go back to the beginning again.
When I felt secure,
Had the nerve.
Had his hand on my shoulder,
But I’m only growing older.
To be wise,
To be strong –
It all begins with getting along.
With all these parts of myself.
Focus on nothing.
To become everything,
Requires this sacrifice.
This is life.


Awake late –
Like a convenience store,
My heart
An open swinging door.
I come unhinged.
I let another one in.
Maximum capacity,
Full of it.
Another one
I force myself to see
What delusions
Were gaining on me.
He takes his pound of flesh
and takes his leave.
Just like the rest.
It’s just a test
I forget another name.
So it was all a game,
And only meant in play –
Good enough, any day.
What’s another number anyway?

Venom Junkie

Can she be honest with herself
She plays the fool with herself
Is reality so hard to bare
Is it really so painful to care
She pinches herself to awaken from a dream
Everything has been for nothing, it seems
Play with scorpions and feel their sting
Life is ultimately a beautiful thing
She winces in pain
Bites her tongue on his name
As his shadow slips away